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Some products are found exclusively in one major growing area and some are found wherever the climate and local infrastructure is favourable. All of our products are sourced from accredited suppliers who meet the relevant industry standards.
Our partnerships with suppliers have been built and nurtured over many years with a focus on continuously improving quality and service. From the fields, orchards and vineyards through to the cleaning and processing facilities, we have extensive experience in delivering quality goods at competitive prices.
Our extensive product knowledge is at the disposal of our customers. We can provide market forecasts and up to date information about weather, crops and many other conditions which are likely to affect pricing. Our aim is to provide timely information relative to our customers’ market sector, so that they are better informed and able to base their buying decisions on the best available data.
We understand that our customers operate in a highly competitive environment, so we are proactive in finding specific products which may bring that all important competitive edge.

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